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Brief Native Omahans Club, Inc. History

The Native Omahans Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that promotes social and general welfare, common good, scholarships, cultural, social and recreational activities for the inner city and North Omaha community.

On October 24, 1976 a group called the Omaha Homecoming Planning Committee had their first meeting and a vision of having a reunion of native Omahans that left the city for various reasons. The individuals responsible for setting up the committee and subsequent meetings were founders, Vera Johnson and Bettie McDonald.

On December 13, 1976, the committee elected to call themselves the Native Omahans Club.The 1st Omaha   Homecoming, with a basic itinerary of a Social Mixer, Gospel Night, boat ride, parade,homecoming dance, picnic and Blue Monday,was held on August 26, 1977.

The week long homecoming celebration reunites former residents to a city they once called home.Throughout the years the Native Omahans Club, Inc. has raised funds to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students of schools in the City of Omaha, donated to the Omaha World Herald Goodfellows, adopted children for a holiday shopping spree and provided holiday food baskets to needy families throughout the city.

These endeavors are but a portion of what the Native Omahans Club, Inc. has done and will continue to do in keeping up with our vision statement to continue to promote, educate, reunite, and contribute to the betterment of the community and its social, historical and cultural values and incorporate with the clubs theme song,


23nd Biennial Native Omahans Days 2021.

Fri Nov 11
Membership Drive